Sunday, January 12, 2014

All Preppers Are Going to Die?

I was just watching a video about Preppers.  In it, the author of the video  tried to make the case that all Preppers are going to be unable to live in the event of a meltdown.  He says that most people do not have the land to live by farming, that most people living off the land will be in competition for wild food, and others will be waiting for the hunter to return to his home to steal his catch..Etc., Etc., Etc.....Well there are some salient points to all this.  Yes, few people have the land resources to grow food and will have a lot of competition for food and other resources.  This will be especially true at first when there will be so many people competing and just out of cities foraging.  Plus, law enforcement may not be there or effective. 
The thing is....Most Preppers will at least be in better shape than those who have not been laying food by.  Lawlessness will mean that people will need to have safe havens in the event that people try to take advantage of them...places to hide basically. 
This is so complicated an issue.  Do you arm yourself, or not.   Do you build an underground bunker?  How about remote food storage?

For century upon century, people lived on the land.  We did not have a population of 9 billion at the time, of course.  You can get yourself a number of acres of property to live off, but there is no guarantee that people will respect your ownership.
Here are a few truths:

1. A small family is easier to support on a piece of land than a big one.
2. Pre-cleared land can produce a food crop faster than one which is in need of clearing, so you should do that even if it draws attention.
3. Raising your own livestock is better than relying on wild food, though wild food is a good supplement.  Breeding stock should be held in a separate spot so if theft occurs, there is breeding stock elsewhere.
4. Beans are a good long term source of nutrition and are much easier to keep quiet than a live chicken when you are hiding from someone!  Also, livestock are more valuable than vegetable matter, and therefore vegetable food is less attractive to others who might be inclined to steal.
5. People who are used to low calorie consumption, are better prepared to survive than those who are big consumers.  They do not feel the deprivation as quickly.
6. Forming a cooperative is safer than trying to go it alone.  Losses due to theft or natural events are easier to bear if a co operative has group storage that can be shared.  The losses of one person can be shared by the group.
7. Being used to gardening in an organic manner by hand, will prepare you for the time when fertilizers and gasoline etc. are no longer available.
8. It is very likely that there will be crop failures at some point.  Long term storage of dry food, and canned goods etc., will get you to the next growing season, though it is wise to have a couple of years of bare necessities, including seed.
9. In difficult times, meat is for special occasions only...the eggs and milk are more important than the chicken stew and the beefsteaks.  Keeping the stock fed is more important than you having to skip meals.
10. In the very worst of times, calories are more important than variety.
11.  After they start to yield, fruit trees and berry bushes, nut trees, dandelions, asparagus plants, Jerusalem artichokes, fiddlehead ferns, Egyptian onions, chives and perennial herbs and naturally perennial food plants of all sorts ...ARE FREE AND NEARLY CAREFREE FOOD! Try rose hips...a good reason to grow roses....
12 Wild pigs are good eating and multiply quickly, despite their problems.  If you do not think you can hunt them, trap them instead.
13. All necessary skills come easier when you practice them.  Do not think that an apocalypse can come and all you have to do is drive to your farm and start have to practice your skills and understand your land, the stock and preservation ahead of time.
14. Buy a large plastic septic tank with a sealable trap door.  Put supplies in it and be ready to drop your kids, seed, and breeding stock into it if strangers appear.  A good source of oxygen and a good deodorant also helps!
15. Everything and everyone on your farm works or way or another.....

People have lived on the land for millennia, and should be able to do the same today.  You also have tons of technology to help you out, but you also have to learn the folkways of the past to be well rounded and prepared for what nature and man can throw at you.


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